Motion Ninja is a specialist in digital imaging that stealthily works in the fields of graphic animation and corporate video. He will defend your nunchaku communication objectives by offering you innovative visual solutions, from pre-production to post-production.

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Years of training accompanied by tools as sharp as our senses contribute to offer you precise work done in delays as fast as our katana.


Any self-respecting ninja has undergone an intense workout that allows him to excel at each new mission and reach his target every time.


Thanks to reflexes conditioned by many missions, a ninja will always find a way to furtively reach his goals. And this, without leaving any witnesses.

Hours of training
Dumplings eaten
Successful missions
Cups of tea drunk


Simon Bouchard

Became Motion Ninja in 2009, following a career in the field of photography and videography.

Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production from Concordia University. He knows how to combine his talents as an artist with his expertise in the business and marketing fields to precisely answer the questions of his clients and provide them with creative solutions adapted to their real needs. His meticulousness, his rigor and his attention to detail have shaped the face of Motion Ninja since its foundation, and it is always with this same requirement of the highest quality that Simon supervises all the missions that are granted to him.

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